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Journey Overseas: " Santak Overseas Channel Elite Camp " Came to a Successful Conclusion

04 July 2019

Recently, Santak Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Santak") twice organized the activity of "Santak Overseas Channel Elite Camp " for overseas partners successfully. Targeted at the core product issues concerned by channel partners, it carefully designed theme courses and issued technically certified engineer certificates to those having passed the examination. Such action by Santak aimed at improving its ability in product technologies and services, through training of its overseas channel partners, so as to better promote and sell Santak's products.

oversea channel elite camp
This training activity involved 8 countries and regions in Asia, covering Santak's large machines within UPS 20–200K and small ones within 0–20K in terms of power segment, as well as Santak castle batteries. A senior product and technology expert in Santak focused on explaining the technical characteristics of products for the trainers. Moreover, the expert made a thorough analysis on product performance, application advantages and daily maintenance through application cases and practical courses, helping them further strengthen basic theoretical knowledge and technical expertise of related products. This "Santak Overseas Channel Elite Camp" generated enthusiastic responses among channel partners, while the efficient and high-quality training services were also been fully recognized by channel partners. 

santak oversea workshop

To fully support the growth of overseas businesses, Santak has established a systematic training system in product schemes, business development, sales skills and market operation, continuously improving their comprehensive ability and effectively implementing the commitment of channel empowerment. Santak is willing to join hands with more overseas channel partners to bring new experience for global end users, and deliver Santak's uncompromising quality, continually innovative technologies as well as standardized and efficient services to the world!