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[ China Market ] Eaton air conditioning - Summer room Preferred

10 July 2016
For most people is a good thing in the summer, you can enjoy a variety of relaxing outdoor activities. For data center managers, however, summer's arrival means that the temperature soaring and the consequent energy consumption increase. Outdoor temperature rises could easily lead to room temperature to rise, forcing extended the running time of room air conditioning, increased energy consumption. Refrigeration and air conditioning problems this summer in the engine room, engine room operations the primary problem facing managers. Eaton TAC series of precision air conditioning of new small and medium room this year, after this year's summer heat test lab administration the word of choice.
In order to better meet the needs of small lab Administration for computer room cooling and lower consumption, world-leading power management company Eaton May 2016 the new TAC series of precision air conditioning for medium and small room were to be listed, won an excellent reputation in the market. Air conditioning units in the series is different from the standard comfort air conditioning system, not only to ensure continuous and stable operation for the year and ensure precise control of room environment, business-critical systems to create a safe and reliable operation of the engine room environment.
Eaton the launched of TAC series precision air conditioning unit refrigeration range covers 5.5kW, and 7.5kW, and 12.5kW, and 16kW, and 20kW five a volume paragraph, used high explicit hot than, Gale volume small enthalpy poor of design more for electronic equipment of using environment, big area evaporator and condensation device design, refrigeration efficiency high; addition its excellent of temperature and humidity degrees control and annual not continuous refrigeration ensure equipment annual continued and stable run, applies Yu communications base station/room various outdoor room, and power equipment between, and Small and medium sized computer room, substations, etc.