Eaton Presents Innovative Microgrid Solutions at its Electrical Mobile Tech Day

28 December 2016

Eaton launched its 2016 Innovation Tour-Electrical Mobile Tech Day, a truck show featuring Eaton’s innovative electrical technologies and solutions. The truck will visit more than 20 cities across the country, providing customers and partners along the way an up-close and personal opportunity to learn about Eaton products and discuss market trends.

 “The supply-demand relation in electrical power management is changing, which leads to the transformation in power production and consumption. With Eaton’s innovative products and solutions, we are focused on helping the electrical industry in China address multiple challenges in power efficiency, safety and environmental protection, driving sustainable development through continuous innovation,” said Joe-Tao Zhou, president of Eaton in China.

The highlight of the event is Eaton’s innovative products and solutions in microgrid. As an important part of the smart grid, the microgrid operates synchronously with the traditional macrogrid and provides the solution to meeting power demands and supply power in case of an emergency and power shortage during power interruption in the main grid. It also allows and facilitates integration of renewable energy generation without requiring re-design of the distribution system. Eaton has rich experience in microgrid globally.It started the development of its microgrid business with the support of the U.S. military and the U.S. Department of Energy and now has achieved a number of patents in this field. Eaton also helped support Africa’s largest microgrid project.